Short Run Printing

Written by Joy MacKay
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Printing costs can be expensive for any company out there. Many printing services used to require that you print an enormous quantity in order to place an order. This is no longer the case thanks to short run printing.

Short Run Printing Saves You Money

It used to be that if you wanted to order color business cards or color post cards, you had to order 5,000 or more at once. This was difficult for many businesses. Suppose your business moves and you're left with 10,000 brochures that have the wrong address printed on them.

Short run printing services allow you to print smaller quantities. You can order as few as 500 copies of whatever you need printing--whether it be color post cards, posters, or flyers. Short run printing also means that you can get your printing needs returned to you faster. You don't have to wait months or even weeks any longer!

The Internet is a great place to find the printing company you want. Make sure that the printing company you choose offers short run printing. You also want to take some time to compare prices to ensure that you are getting a good deal!

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