Shrek Checks

Written by Courtney Salinas
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When the movie Shrek hit theaters in 2001, it became an overnight phenomenon for young and old alike. This computer-animated feature challenged the limits of the movie industry and set alight a computer graphics war that is still raging today. Dreamworks, who produced Shrek, and their direct competitor, Pixar, have been upping the stakes with every movie they put out.

The affable cast was just as much a factor in the success of the movie as the graphics, though. Mike Meyers as the title character won the hearts of the audience and Eddie Murphy provided more than enough comic relief as Donkey. Cameron Diaz finished up the main cast and a slew of other well-known actors provided voices for supporting characters.

Dreamworks followed up the success of Shrek with more adventures in the swamp with Shrek 2, released in 2004. This time the graphics were even better and more amazing than the first time. The same cast returned for the second movie with the inclusion of Antonio Banderas, John Cleese and Rupert Everett.

Shrek Checks and Accessories

Now you can show your affinity for all things Shrek in your checkbook. Shrek checks feature different scenes and characters from the Shrek movies and can make paying bills a little more fun. You can also find matching checkbook covers, address labels and contact cards to complete your Shrek collection.

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