Thermal Transfer Label

Written by Amy Hall
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A thermal transfer label is available in paper and synthetic. Paper labels offer an inexpensive way to print out labels for your business. Using paper also ensures exceptional print quality, and paper can be used for a variety of general purpose applications.

The synthetic thermal transfer label is incredibly durable, long-lasting, and it is resistant to abrasion, heat, moisture, tearing, and chemicals. Obviously, this is a wise choice for businesses who rely on labels for shipping and product identification purposes. It is also possible to get thermal labels using different adhesives to meet your individual needs.

The Durable Thermal Transfer Label

Thermal labels are often used for bar codes, to help identify products using a scanning tool. Therefore, it is imperative that the label be intact and easy to read, otherwise the scanner will not be able to "read" the bar code. These labels must be durable, smudge-resistant, and have first-read scanability to ensure consistent results.

Thermal transfer labels are used in retail stores, grocery stores, warehouses, shipping departments, post offices, and basically anyplace that handles merchandise or packaging. As you can see, it is essential that these labels have strong adhesive capabilities, and that they retain their integrity through inclement weather and numerous handling. For more information about these labels, please click on the link above, as it will take you directly to our recommended supplier of custom labels and business labels for multiple purposes.

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