Trade Printing

Written by Tara Peris
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Trade printing is among the most challenging work in the printing industry. It requires unsurpassed skill and professionalism to be able to manage the print work of another printer successfully. This applies not only to the printing task, but also to the administrative aspects of handling large accounts well. Whether you are an independent customer with a small order or a licensed dealer in need of print services, a company that handles trade printing is always a good option.

Trade printing typically requires a customer to be a licensed dealer of a given print product. Dealership status in turn allows companies to have access to wholesale prices, which are a great deal more competitive than traditional retail prices. Some companies may only sell to end-users whereas others may devote their efforts to wholesale work with other printers; a truly established company does both.

Quality Trade Printing
When other printers in the industry evaluate your work, it is necessarily pushed to a new level of quality. This quality is reflected not only in the finished document, but also in how the order itself is handled. Professional printers have little patience for complicated ordering procedures or slow turnaround time.

When you see that a printing company has experience with trade printing, it is usually an indication that they are serious about their work. To obtain the print orders of other printers, it is likely that they have been around for some time. More importantly, it shows that they are capable of handling large orders without compromising service or quality.

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