Truck Decals

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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One nearly ubiquitous force on America's highways is truck decals. Often graphic and highly colorful, decals are a way that truckers declare their personality on the road. Recently, the technology behind truck decals has changed in a way that allows truckers to install their own graphics and lettering quicker, with less hassle, and also allows them to change it as often as they wish.

In the past, hand painted graphics were common on many trucks and trailers. But the drawbacks of paintings (installation time, highly varying durability, and cost) have allowed vinyl decals to emerge as the most common material in truck graphics. Vinyl decals can usually be installed quickly, and will last a number of years, depending on the climate in which the truck is operating.

Recent advances in vinyl technology allow truckers (and advertisers) even more freedom in producing graphics. Some current kinds of vinyl are designed specifically for truck installation and go a long way towards solving problems such as air bubbles, wrinkles, and creases that used to plague self-adhesive vinyl. New installation tools are also available to help truckers, including one that aids in the seamless installation of even large vinyl decals on the side of the truck.

Protective Truck Decals

Other kinds of vinyl serve protective purposes. Truckers can install self-adhesive vinyl decals on some of the chrome or other fragile surfaces of the truck. Protective vinyl truck decals reduce the danger of scratches and scrapes without leaving any nasty reside behind after removal.

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