Vehicle Advertising Wraps

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Currently, one of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising is vehicle advertising wraps. Wraps a large format graphics that are applied seamlessly to surface of various vehicles, such as buses, company cars, or promotional vehicles. Along with billboards, bus graphics, and murals or banners for the sides of buildings, wraps are part of the core advertising strategy used in many modern ad campaigns.

Advantages of Vehicle Advertising Wraps

In fact, vehicle advertising wraps have numerous advantages over other forms of outdoor advertising. Compared to billboards, wraps have the obvious advantage of being constantly in motion. As wrapped cars travel the highways or wrapped buses cross the city, the combination of motion and eye-catching graphics can attract the attention of many more people than static billboards.

Another large advantage of vehicle advertising wraps is that the vehicles involved can travel along pre-determined routes in order to hit the maximum number of people within the target demographic. Some firms simply hire drivers to traverse their normal route, thereby hitting average consumers during the daytime. Others ask drivers to take certain roads, circle different areas of the city, or drive at certain times of the day, to hit specific target demographic. Many firms use GPS trackers to measure the effectiveness of the ad in a certain area.

Wrapped vehicles are also very effective in campaigns that involve promotion with some kind of direct interaction, such as coupon or sample promotions. By taking an eye-catching wrapped vehicle to a target location, and then interacting with pedestrian or shoppers, companies create a mobile storefront of sorts. Some companies also use wrapped vehicles for customer shuttling, creating a motion advertisement while serving an important business function.

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