Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Videojet has been a leader in the field of duplicator technology for over 40 years, ever since the head of the company hired a team of scientists to improve this technology. Printing on various materials was an industry-wide need that was developed over the decades, resulting in a full-page fax machine and high-speed graphic printers manufactured for the federal government. The company also developed the breakthrough technology that allowed printed ballot totals to appear on television screens in the 1968 elections, thereby supplanting the use of handwritten totals.

Today, this innovative company has a full range of small character ink jets, laser coders, thermal transfer overprinters, postal barcoding systems, and Videojet inks. This American corporation recently acquired Alltech, a German-based business that makes laser systems for coding and marking. With this acquisition, the corporation continues its expansion into the most advanced areas of coding and marking products for industry.

Videojet Small Character Inkjets

The company manufactures a wide range of small character inkjet coders, which are designed to meet the needs--and fit the budget--of various kinds of businesses. The Excel 2000 offers coding flexibility with an opaque capability that permits imprinting bright colors on dark backgrounds. The 46 series are airless printers; the 46s provides four-line printing, and a single line print speed of 1,066 feet-per-minute. The 46m is ideal for coding small, electronic components; the 46p is intended for use with pigment inks.

If you've invested money in Videojet equipment but would like to find an alternate (and less expensive) source for ink, you can search online for quality ink manufacturers that produce high quality compatible inks. These manufacturers produce ink that is of the same (or even higher) quality than Videojet ink. If you have never investigated the savings that such manufacturers can offer you, perhaps it is time to spend a bit of time online researching your options.

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