Vinyl Banners

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Using vinyl banners is one way that event organizers and advertising agencies announce promotions and special events. Vinyl banners can be printed as large or as small as necessary, and hold up extremely well in many types of weather. In many cases, event organizers may supplement the banners with other promotional materials, such as posters, light boxes, or even wrapped vehicles.

In recent years, new kinds of vinyl have been developed that are much easier to handle and install than older vinyl. In the past, adhesives that were used with vinyl were often chemical compounds that could be detrimental to the user. Nowadays, though, self-adhesive vinyl and other easy-to-use pressure sensitive adhesives are the norm.

Accenting Vinyl Banners in Promotional Displays

Along with vinyl banners, PVC mesh banners work great in outdoor situations. PVC mesh is a lightweight, perforated material that is often used as screens in theater backdrops or as scaffolding or building wraps. It is extremely durable, even in windy environments, and is bother water resistant and flame retardant.

Vinyl is also used for many other large-scale graphic installations. Vehicle wraps, for instance, are simply custom-cut and printed sheets of a thin, elastic vinyl that can conform to the shape of the car. The pieces are then carefully installed to create a seamless visual enhancement to the vehicle.

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