Wall Murals

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Wall murals have been popular systems for enhancing interior spaces since ancient times. Over the years, the materials have changed dramatically, but the purpose has remained relatively similar. Most people install wall murals as decorative enhancement of some sort.

The exception to the rule is in advertising. Within the last century, the cost of producing and installing massive or large-format graphic images or text has decreased dramatically. This has allowed companies or private individuals with a moderate budget access to murals large-format printed materials.

Wall Murals as Advertisements
Many wall murals in the corporate world exist either as advertisements in exterior spaces or as part of the defining "look" of an interior commercial space. As such, they often require quick installation, durability, and installation/removal techniques that do not permanently alter the space. Modern materials such as vinyl and installation methods such as protective, laminate tape can usually meet the needs of advertisers or commercial space designers.

Many wall graphics are printed on wide sheets of vinyl (often 48" wide). They are then installed carefully, many times using techniques that are similar to wallpaper installation techniques. Both indoor and outdoor graphics can often be removed as much as 3 years later with little residue from adhesives or other substances.

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