Wildlife Checks

Written by Courtney Salinas
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There is an ever-growing concern over the state of our planet's ecosystem and the effect our actions are having on the wildlife of this planet. It's hard to determine what we can do to help our planet's wildlife when the problems that plague them seem so immense. There are so many ways to help, though. You can help conservation groups by making donations or by purchasing items that will benefit them financially and raise awareness of their cause.

Helping with Wildlife Checks

Checks that feature wildlife conservation groups are an excellent way to support wildlife conservation. Defender's of Wildlife, the World Wildlife Fund, the Wyland Foundation and the National Wildlife Federation are all groups that offer beautiful checks for purchase that help contribute to their causes.

Each organization has it's own individual agreement with the check companies. In all these cases, though, a portion of the cost of the checks is donated to the foundation that you've chosen to support. Your support is also noticed by anyone who receives your check. Just having people see the logo for one of these organizations helps raise awareness that our planet's wildlife is facing a crisis.

Since wildlife conservation groups and environmental concerns often go hand in hand, most of the wildlife checks are printed on paper that contains post-consumer recycled pulp. These checks often use soy ink as well, which is kinder to the environment than petroleum based inks. With these wildlife checks you can donate to a worthy cause and help promote healthy recycling programs.

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