Window Graphics

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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In most cases, the material of choice for custom window graphics is some kind of vinyl. However, the qualities and character of the vinyl that is used in the project can differ greatly depending on how the graphic is designed and used. There are three main types of vinyl that people use for window graphics: perforated vinyl, solid vinyl banners or displays, and printed, adhesive vinyl decals.

Different Uses of Vinyl in Window Graphics

Perforated vinyl is becoming very popular with automotive window graphics. It is often used with vehicle wraps to create a seamless image that covers the entire surface of a vehicle. Perforated vinyl is a vinyl mesh that capitalizes on the human eye's to fill in the gaps--from the outside, the eye fills in the gaps to create an image, but from the inside, the eye creates a representation of the outside.

Solid vinyl banners or displays are often hung in windows to announce promotions of special events. One major advantage of vinyl banners is that they can be reused. They can also be printed relatively cheaply and quickly, and are easy to install and remove (whereas other types of window graphics may require professional installation).

The third type of vinyl often used in window displays is adhesive vinyl decals. In many cases, vinyl decals my take the form of text of simple graphics that act as signage. Most places wishing to install vinyl decals in the window will contract a professional installation expert to insure that the graphics are level and correctly formatted.

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