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Legal Document Destruction

Written by Josh Dodes
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As savvy law firms have long known, few security measures are more essential than legal document destruction. However, doing the job right has long been extremely expensive. Considering the volume of confidential files that even smaller law firms generate every day, that is not surprising.

Fortunately, the premier document shredding companies have risen to meet the challenge. Introducing a set of solutions that allows them to shred documents on-site at speeds of up to 6,000 pounds an hour, these top companies have made document destruction efficient enough for almost anyone to afford. With so much on the line, that is welcome news for law firms everywhere.

A New Method of Legal Document Destruction

Of course, blinding speed is not the only means by which the top shredding companies have cut their customers' costs. Measures such as providing free document receptacles have served to further lower prices, as well. After all, when a destruction firm can charge by the standardized receptacle, rather than by the pound, businesses no longer need to pay additional fees for collection and weighing.

Considering the amount of private information contained in legal documents, secure legal document destruction is nothing short of a necessity. Now that is easier and more affordable than ever, there is no excuse not to protect your clients' information as vigorously as you protect their interests. Take the time to explore these new document destruction technologies, and you may be surprised that it has taken you so long to do so.

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