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Mobile Document Shredding

Written by Josh Dodes
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Mobile document shredding represents one of the great advances of modern technology. Faster than doing it yourself, more efficient and secure than sending your sensitive materials through the mail, onsite shredding eliminates the uncertainty. Why look for answers anywhere else?

The secret lies in new automated machinery that take minutes to do what took hours just ten years ago. Today's professionals are discrete, thorough and fast. The best of these services can shred three tons in less than an hour!

Mobile Document Shredding Makes Sense

The truth is, we live in a world where paper trails can be a source of tremendous embarrassment. Whether it's corporate secrets or customer records, the best way to protect your business is to destroy what does not belong within the walls of your company. Document shredding is more than just smart, in many cases it's the law.

There are document shredding services that require special containers and convoluted instructions. Not so with onsite shredding. Check out the outstanding speed and integrity of mobile document shredding and you'll never have to wait again.

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