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Onsite Document Shredding

Written by Josh Dodes
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In an increasingly risk-laden business environment of identity theft and industrial espionage, the need for onsite document shredding has become more pronounced than ever. After all, many of today's most high-tech security violations start with a decidedly low-tech violation: Dumpster diving. Worse even than the propensity of identity thieves and their ilk to search for confidential information in this unsavory manner is the fact that, according to the Supreme Court, doing so is completely legal.

Until recently, however, businesses concerned with the security of their information and that of their clients had little choice but to pay a steep premium to dispose of that information properly. In an exceptionally competitive economy, the choice between enhanced security and an enhanced bottom line could be a painful one. After all, the relationship between increased safety and increased cost seemed as immutable as it was frustrating.

A New Day for Document Shredding

Happily, that age-old conundrum has an exciting new solution. Thanks to a handful of the best document destruction firms in the industry, savvy businesses can now enjoy greater security than ever before possible, at a fraction of yesterday's prices. Embracing proprietary technologies that allow them to destroy documents at the blinding pace of 6,000 pounds an hour, the premier shredding firms have ushered in a new day for document destruction.

This dramatic advance means that, for the first time, an increase in efficiency has significantly outpaced an increase in cost. Better still, the top document destruction companies have built this remarkable technology into mobile units. As such, companies availing themselves of these next-generation services can benefit from the additional assurance of being able to witness their documents being destroyed within the secure confines of their own properties.

The Best Onsite Document Shredding Companies

The best onsite document shredding companies in the business deliver more than simply speed and onsite service, however. In a further cost-cutting move, the top onsite document shredding companies also supply businesses with free, standardized paper receptacles. As a result, they can charge for shredding services by the receptacle, rather than by the pound--saving businesses from the additional collection and weighing fees of yesterday's solutions.

And of course, the premier onsite document shredding firms are as environmentally friendly as they are efficient. In fact, the mobility of their shredding facilities only simplifies their ability to transport every pound of shredded material to off-site process facilities, and from there, onto local paper mills for final conversion. Who says you can't be green and cost-conscious?

A Simpler Choice

Now that the most robust onsite document shredding solutions combine speed, efficiency, affordability, and environmental friendliness into one neat package, the choice is simpler than ever. Your business and your clients deserve the greatest possible confidentiality and security. Today, if you know where to look, you can easily supply it.

We encourage you to peruse our educational links about these exciting new solutions, and to do as much independent research as you can. And then we encourage you to make a decision that makes sense for the future of your business. With so much at stake, you simply cannot afford to anything less.

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