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Ontario Document Shredding

Written by Josh Dodes
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The Ontario document shredding industry has seen some significant changes in the last few years. After years of only incremental improvements in the shredding process, a handful of top companies have taken steps to shatter yesterday's standards for security and efficiency. The destruction of Ontario companies' documents will never be the same again.

Until recently, the benchmark for quick document destruction was on the order of 1,000 pounds an hour. At this rate, companies that produced as many documents as many of Ontario's firms were forced to spend enormous resources on protecting the security of their employees and their customers. Today, however, the best file shredding companies in the area have rolled out proprietary technology that allows them to destroy documents at the astonishing speed of 6,000 pounds an hour.

Ontario Document Shredding That Makes Sense

Of course, shredding documents at this speed only makes sense if it does not require a sacrifice in security. Happily, this new technology actually makes it easier to destroy documents on-site, which means you can witness your documents being destroyed on your own property. The result is that you can improve security while cutting costs--no mean feat!

If you are looking for a new Ontario document shredding solution, your timing is impeccable. With solutions this robust and affordable, the decision could not be any easier. We encourage you to explore our informational links, and to make a decision that makes sense for your business.

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