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On-site Document Destruction

Written by Josh Dodes
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Time was, on-site document destruction was a luxury that few small businesses could afford. That means businesses often had to choose between their security and their bottom line. In an increasingly insecure world of identity theft and industrial espionage, that choice could be an exceptionally difficult one to make.

Fortunately, there is finally a better way. Thanks to an extraordinary new set of proprietary technologies, top file shredding firms are now able to offer on-site file shredding capabilities at prices far lower than yesterday's off-site solutions. Using mobile facilities that destroy documents at a dizzying 6,000 pounds an hour, shredding firms that have embraced this new technology are transforming the industry.

On-Site Document Destruction and the Environment

Of course, these advances in cost and security would be worth little if they required environmental sacrifices. Happily, these new technologies are every bit as environmentally friendly as their predecessors. In fact, the new mobile units actually make it easier to safely transport every pound of shredded material to off-site processing facilities, from which point they can be delivered directly to paper mills for conversion.

It is no surprise that savvy businesses everywhere are embracing these new technologies. After all, a choice in favor of greater speed, greater security, and smaller cost may be one of the easiest choices a business ever makes. Take the time to explore these robust new on-site document destruction solutions, and you will never regret having done so.

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