Lean Manufacturing Consulting

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Many businesses have found a potent combination by incorporating Lean Manufacturing consulting and Six Sigma practices into their production. The two methodologies can be applied together in ways that complement each other, increasing production and consistently delivering value to the customer. Lean Manufacturing consulting is available to help businesses streamline their production, allowing them to reduce deviation and increase high-quality output.

Lean techniques focus on reducing waste in the production process. They do so by focusing on wasted time, space, and inventory, clearing the way so that businesses can effectively implement changes in those processes to increase production. By first organizing with Lean ideas, and then using Six Sigma techniques to analyze and treat problems, companies can reduce waste, variation, and defective output by a surprising amount.

There are companies that offer Six Sigma courses with a concentration on Lean Manufacturing consulting and the implementation of other Lean ideas. Some of these programs are designed to build upon skills already acquired by a practitioner of Six Sigma. They allow someone who is already intimately familiar with the Six Sigma process to dig further into problematic areas and solve variables in essential processes.

Internet-Based Lean Manufacturing Consulting Options

Commonly, such training involves multi-day courses designed to simulate situations that may be encountered on the job. A number of these companies also offer Internet-based introductory training modules. Other online tools, such as support tools or content management tools may be offered along with the training or consultation programs.

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