Lean Manufacturing Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Along with Six Sigma tracking software, Lean Manufacturing software is available from many companies that promote modern maintenance and organizational techniques. In most cases, the software is available to those people who have undergone some sort of requisite training of consultation, usually in the form of open-enrollment classes or custom, on-site training modules. During the training program, trainees with work with the software to obtain not only a concise view of the program material, but also a in-depth knowledge of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing software that can be put to immediate use.

Different companies have different training systems, of course, but most generally follow similar structures. In the beginning, trainees will have their choice of programs available, ranging from basic orientation to new ideas in business to an in-depth look at modern organizational techniques. In Six Sigma methodology, the most rigorous training is for Black Belt candidates, who generally have a desire to be proficient in Six Sigma techniques, ideas, and how to apply them to any situation.

Lean Manufacturing Software and Tools for Black Belts

From there, the new Black Belts can choose to further their training, which may include taking a closer look at Lean Manufacturing. They will learn to use Lean Manufacturing software in concert with Six Sigma software, and will learn to incorporate Lean techniques into Six Sigma investigations and analyses. Black Belts also have their choice of other in-depth training programs, such as tool workshops and Master Black Belt development programs.

Using Lean ideas with Six Sigma practices is a way to maximize your business' output, reducing waste and product variation. One common viewpoint is that Lean techniques strip away wasted time and effort, clearing the way for Six Sigma to put on the final organizational touches, ensuring consistent, high-quality output and customer satisfaction. Having the right software and tools further promote the level of organization needed to obtain the goals of Lean and Six Sigma: zero waste and 3.4 defects per million.

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