Lean Manufacturing Training

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Lean manufacturing training is available from many of the same sources as Six Sigma training. Many training firms offer classes in both, and some schools and firms offer hybrid training that incorporates both Lean and Six Sigma practices. Although some Six Sigma firms do not incorporate too much Lean manufacturing training into their classes, there are almost always supplemental classes that can train Black Belts in Lean thinking.

Lean ideas, when combined with Six Sigma practices, make a potent combination. The basic ideas behind Lean are to eliminated wasted effort and resources in a business system, while the main drive in Six Sigma is to reduce product deviation to 3.4 parts per million. Once achieved, Lean Six Sigma can provide business leaders with unprecedented control over consistently high quality results.

The process of Lean enterprise is also similar to Six Sigma. By systematically checking input variables (whether personnel, operational factors, or other variables) and racking the criticality of each, experts of Lean and Six Sigma are able to develop innovative ways to control those variables. Very often, the more people who are involved in Lean manufacturing training or Six Sigma orientation, the more successful an improvement project can be.

Lean Manufacturing Training Options

Lean training as available to Six Sigma practitioners in a variety of forms. As noted above, one common form is through stand-alone classes or refresher courses on the principles of Lean. Other forms include the many books published on Lean Enterprise, Internet-based classes, or consultations from Lean experts.

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