Lean Six Sigma Training

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Though some firms offer Six Sigma training with only the basics of Six Sigma, many offer a hybrid of Lean Six Sigma training. Lean is an operational practice that aims to reduce waste of any kind in the production chain. When it is combined with Six Sigma, the resulting effort can streamline an operational system down to the essentials, and bring innovative solutions to help control input factors and system efficiency.

Lean Six Sigma training is available from Six Sigma schools and firms. Six Sigma firms often offer consulting services in Lean or other related methodologies as well. In some cases, this will take the shape of stand-alone classes in Lean Enterprise, or classes in integrating Lean with Six Sigma.

Most Six Sigma training companies include some sort of Lean Six Sigma training with their Black Belt certification. Lean is particularly useful to Black Belts as system architects, because of the way that it allows Six Sigma to proceed without wasted time or effort. Also, by reconfiguring a system so that a business has direct control over the input factors that are critical to production quality, Black Belts can further streamline operations by organizing personnel with Lean methods.

Using Software in Lean Six Sigma Training

Software can also help Six Sigma organizers construct efficient systems. Some software is available to track project progress, while other programs aid with the collection and analysis of data. Many times, training programs cover in-depth practical application of the various types of software available.

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