Six Sigma Academy

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Though there are many places for people to learn the techniques and ideas behind Six Sigma, there is only one Six Sigma Academy. It was founded by two of the earliest practitioners of Six Sigma, Mikel Harry and Richard Schroeder. The Six Sigma Academy was founded in 1994, and is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Many of the roots of modern Six Sigma can be found in a 1979 book by Philip Crosby, called Quality is Free. Many people have built upon the work of Crosby to bring Six Sigma to its current place as a successful business organization methodology, including Six Sigma Academy founders Harry and Schroeder. Harry was one of the architects of Motorola's complete turnaround in the `80s; he helped initiate a plan that brought a 40% reduction in errors and an almost 60% reduction in the cost of quality.

Alternatives to The Six Sigma Academy

Besides the Six Sigma Academy, many other companies offer training programs for companies that wish to restructure their processes according to Six Sigma. Some of these companies offer clients a choice of onsite training, open enrollment training, and even Internet-based learning, bringing flexibility to Six Sigma learning. Custom training programs are also available, occasionally coupled with consultations and other customized help.

Onsite training is one of the most popular methods of Six Sigma education. Because of Six Sigma's flexibility, it is possible to apply it any business or practice, giving trainers the ability to customize it to any job field. By directly experiencing the ideas of Six Sigma in their businesses, Black Belt candidates can easily build a personal relationship with the methods and practices of Six Sigma.

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