Six Sigma Black Belt

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The most common level of Six Sigma expert is a Six Sigma Black Belt. Black Belts are receive their training from a variety of sources, and are employed by a growing number of highly successful worldwide companies. Though many Six Sigma Black Belts choose to lend their services to a single company, overseeing various aspects of production and quality control, some may become Six Sigma consultants, trainers, of any of many other possible specialized applications.

Six Sigma Black Belt training as available from a number of sources, including various large Six Sigma companies and the Six Sigma Academy. The Academy is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and was founded by some of the earliest developers of Six Sigma in the workplace (who helped rebuild Motorola's production line in the mid-1980s). Other companies offer onsite training, customized training, and even open enrollment programs.

Once through the Six Sigma Black Belt training programs, Black Belts will be able to proficiently use Six Sigma methods and apply them to any problematic workplace environment. Companies that are experiencing a period of rapid development, undergoing changes in production, or just want to optimize their efficiency and profits may benefit from employing a Black Belt. Consultations are also available, where Black Belts can help a company analyze their production line and help the company orchestrate a turnaround in quality control and customer satisfaction.

Masters Courses for Six Sigma Black Belts

Black Belts also have the option of becoming Master Black Belts, by further honing their skills. Many classes are available for Black Belts, including classes designed to further incorporate other compatible business practices, such as Lean Enterprise and DFSS. Master Black Belts are also available to aid Black Belts in tough problem solving efforts.

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