Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Six Sigma Black Belt training is available in many forms. One popular form is onsite training by a professional Six Sigma training firm. Other popular places to receive Six Sigma Black Belt training are the Six Sigma Academy, and Motorola's school for Six Sigma.

There are three widely recognized levels of Six Sigma practitioners. Green Belt candidates receive training that is designed to allow them to increase the effectiveness of their company's Six Sigma initiative through increased analytical capabilities and familiarity with Six Sigma ideas and techniques. Green Belts also receive training in related software, and have access to Master Black Belts for aid and feedback during the rigorous training session.

Six Sigma Champions are those individuals in a business who are responsible for initiating a change toward Six Sigma organization in a business. Commonly, Champion training is an intensive orientation to Six Sigma that covers project selection and management procedures and Black Belt selection processes in a 3- or 4-day period. Champion training also reviews basic statistical analysis, Pareto charts, and fundamental Six Sigma concepts.

A Closer Look at Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Six Sigma Black Belt training is the most rigorous initial training option available. Over the course of weeks, Black Belt candidates will become intimately familiar with Six Sigma methodology, and graduate with the abilities to successfully initiate Six Sigma programs in any kind of business and develop comprehensive plans for monitoring productivity and output. Black Belt training also covers the use of software tools to aid analysis, and training in other related fields, such and Lean Enterprise techniques.

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