Six Sigma Champions

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Six Sigma Champions are central figures for any business hoping to refine their production using Six Sigma techniques. They aren't the only figures necessary; Green Belts and especially Black Belts are also instrumental in developing Six Sigma programs. Six Sigma Champions are in the unique location to oversee the changes brought about through Six Sigma, and guide the company as a whole to a new period of increased productivity and reduced product deviation.

In general, it is Champions alone that are in the position to assign Black Belt candidates and instigate progress. In many cases, that means that Six Sigma Champions are also the individuals that set the project parameters and the scope of the reforms. In order to orchestrate a successful change in the company, they must possess a great amount of familiarity with the concepts and impact of Six Sigma.

Champions are also largely responsible for ensuring a broad attitude shift in the workplace that is compatible with the Six Sigma mindset. They must be willing and able to allocate the appropriate resources to Black Belts or Six Sigma consultants, and know the importance of a good support infrastructure. If the process begins to lag or lose steam, they must be able to forge ahead, working with the advances made monitoring the new maintenance plans.

Training for Six Sigma Champions

Some companies offer training for Six Sigma Champions that requires a few intense, daylong sessions. Champion training is also great for those that are wishing to brush up on their Six Sigma, or for those who are curious about new developments in the discipline. Champion training is available from both training firms and from schools that are dedicated to promoting Six Sigma in the workplace.

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