Six Sigma Champions Training

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Six Sigma Champions training is available to those individuals who are in a position to initiate change in their company and oversee the results that Six Sigma can bring to an operation. It is an in-depth look at the effects that Six Sigma can have on a business, and on the resources necessary to develop new strategies and operational plans.

In general, Six Sigma Champions training is structured around a series classes for higher-level executives and corporate decision makers. The main goals of Six Sigma Champions training is to imbue an understanding of how Six Sigma projects work within a company to bring about high profitability, improved customer satisfaction, and streamlined operations to those with the ability to initiate such programs. Most of the important skills learned in Champions training revolve around insuring that Black Belts and other program developers have the resources that they need to develop the most successful programs possible.

Such skills include the selection of appropriate Black Belt candidates, defining the scope of a Six Sigma project, and the removing of barriers to performance. Many times, Champions will work very closely with Black Belts in a symbiotic effort to achieve breakthrough performance results. They will also be responsible for promoting a shift in attitude throughout the business towards one that emphasizes the new performance goals and techniques.

The Format of Six Sigma Champions Training

Some Six Sigma firms offer Champions training in the form of 3- or 4- day classes begin with a rough definition of Six Sigma and end with an intimate understanding of the many techniques and skills involved. Candidates will also learn various statistical analysis methods and related skills such as DFSS (Design for Six Sigma). In many cases, training can also function as a perfect refresher for those that have been away from Six Sigma for a little while.

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