Six Sigma Education

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are a few different sources from which to pursue a Six Sigma education. Many different companies offer courses in many parts of the world, with a range of focuses. In America, there are both Six Sigma firms that offer consulting and training, and Six Sigma school that offer a dedicated environment for students to learn the techniques of Six Sigma.

The Six Sigma Academy is an example of a school for Six Sigma education. The academy works closely with business teams to develop new strategies for their operations, and also trains employees at many different levels of the organization to develop and implement comprehensive output monitoring programs. Some schools offer consultation services as well as training programs, to help businesses take a step towards modern organizational practices.

Six Sigma firms offer a slightly different experience. Many firms specialize in offering custom Six Sigma education programs for any possible business. They usually offer a range of services, including specialized analysis software and monitoring software for maintaining new programs and strategies.

Graduates from Six Sigma Educational Programs

Those who have received a Six Sigma education may go on to be consultants, or continue to work with one company, helping them continue to produce strong results from recent organizational shifts. Black Belts may also go on to be Master Black Belts, further honing their skills in more specific arenas. Some MBBs may be employed by Six Sigma firms to oversee other Black Belts in managing projects.

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