Six Sigma Green Belt

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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A Six Sigma Green Belt is one of the three main types of Six Sigma specialist. Along with Black Belts and Champions, Green Belts are available to aid businesses in orchestrating updates to modern organizational systems. Six Sigma Green Belts work closely with Black Belts to collect and analyze data, and are an important part of the Six Sigma infrastructure.

Champions are those individuals who are in the position to set a new Six Sigma program in motion, and allocate the appropriate resources to the program architects--Six Sigma Black Belts. Because Six Sigma programs usually involve such a large scope, it is often important to directly involve many people in both developing the program and testing the new directives. Green Belts, who have skills in data collection, analysis, and DoE, are instrumental in the deployment of a successful program.

Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Black Belt, Champion, and Six Sigma Green Belt training programs are all available from a variety of sources. Six Sigma firms that specialize in training and consultation offer some of the most flexible programs, incorporating onsite training, consultation, and helpful customized software into their regimen. Other sources, like schools for Six Sigma, offer a dedicated environment where students have access to Master Black Belts and other resources.

Green Belt training usually involves rigorous multi-day sessions over the course of a few weeks. One popular schedule involves a week of intense orientation and immersion in the practices of Six Sigma, followed by a period of hands-on workplace application, and then another equally intense week of improvement and control methods. With this schedule, students have a chance to apply what they have learned to their own workplace environment, while still under the tutelage of a Master Black Belt.

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