Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Six Sigma Green Belt certifications are often pursued by businesses that are looking to revamp some of their operations under the Six Sigma methodology. Green Belts are Six Sigma practitioners that have undergone some training in the techniques and mindset of Six Sigma organization. While not self-contained architects like Black Belts or Master Black Belts, those that have received Six Sigma Green Belt certifications are nevertheless important in implementing successful programs.

Green Belts often work alongside Black Belts to analyze systems and develop improvement programs. Through intense training, they learn data collection and analysis tools, including methods such as FMEA and capability analysis. These various techniques allow Green Belts to closely examine working processes with Black Belts and built new operations to reduce standard deviation to 3.4 parts per million.

Training Options for Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications

Six Sigma Green Belt certifications are available from both Six Sigma firms and schools. Firms usually offer the flexibility of onsite training, allowing Green Belt candidates (and Black Belt candidates) a chance to learn the techniques of Six Sigma in classroom situations that reflect their normal working conditions and problems. This is a great way to develop a personal relationship with Six Sigma methodology, and learn to apply directly to your organization.

In general, training for Six Sigma Green belt certifications is somewhat less intense than Black Belt training. Also, Green Belt candidates my not learn the application of such ideas as Lean Enterprise to Six Sigma. They will, however, emerge from the program with the ability to help develop modern business systems through DoE, data collection, and data-driven insights.

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