Six Sigma Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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One popular tool for use with many Six Sigma programs is Six Sigma software. Once a Six Sigma program is underway, the amount of data that is generated can be amazing. Many of the key processes of Six Sigma--such as measuring the effect of every possible input variable on a process' output--can cause a project to unravel if the data is not efficiently and effectively organized.

Six Sigma software gives teams the ability to track their results through powerful, easy-to-navigate database and analysis software. Though there are many different brands of Six Sigma software available, most include project tracking, analysis, and template functions. Templates are useful when performing DoEs (Design of Experiments) and other methods to measure data, and for quickly and accurately charting the results.

Another strength of Six Sigma tracking software is that individuals in all levels of the company can use it to visualize progress. Some versions of the software can provide customizable options for executives, Champions, and Black Belts. Some are even able to chart budgetary information, and make projections on costs and value.

Availability of Six Sigma Software

Much of the Six Sigma software that is available today is offered by firms that also offer training and consulting programs. In general, such training programs provide extensive instruction in the use of the software in practical and theoretical applications. Upon graduation from the training programs, new Black Belts and Green Belts will be able to successfully employ the software in any number of Six Sigma projects.

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