Six Sigma Training Online

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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One option for those who are looking for an education in Six Sigma is to pursue Six Sigma training online. By using electronic training and Internet-based correspondence, training firms are able to offer unique advantages to people who may not have a lot of flexibility in their schedule. Six Sigma training online is also a great way to brush up for those who have been away from the principles of Six Sigma, or who want to catch up with recent developments.

Some Six Sigma firms offer Internet-based training for two of the major Six Sigma roles, and another support role: the Yellow Belt. Many of the eLearning options provide comprehensive overviews of Six Sigma methodology, as well as detailed, literal explanations of the concepts behind the practice. Six Sigma training online is also available for Champions and other executives, and for general orientation to the principles of Six Sigma.

Options for Six Sigma Training Online

Yellow Belt classes begin with introductions to concepts such as DMAIC, and statistics and data collection refreshers. They also cover DoE and Hypothesis testing, though not in the detail that is offered to Green Belt candidates. Green Belts also have access to multimedia lectures, discussion groups, and online support from Master Black Belts.

Electronic Black Belt training from some firms can provide people all of the skill they need to move into being a fully operational Six Sigma Black Belt. All told, most programs last approximately 20 weeks, and use over 180 hours of lectures, tests, and other exercises. Upon graduation, students will have gained the necessary skills and insight to drive professional development and improve any kind of business operation.

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