Business Guide

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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A business guide can be a valuable tool for those who are considering or are in the process of starting up a small business. A guide can provide a comprehensive map of the process that the fledgling entrepreneur can follow from day one to incorporation. There are so many important details that must be addressed in starting a new business that attempting to do so without a quality guide can result in disaster.

General Start-Up Business Guides

You might call this type of business guide a primer for owners. It should cover everything from research to start-up to financing, marketing, and expanding your business. It should contain advice on determining whether there is a local market for your product or service, and it should describe exactly how to reach that market.

Part of starting a business includes learning about federal, state, and local regulations that will have an impact on how you do business. A good guide will tell you where to get the information you need to be in compliance at all times. One of the tougher issues for most new business persons is determining how and where to get financing. Another is understanding how to spend the money most effectively once you have it.

General start-up business guides should take you from conception to implementation and beyond. You can find great guides online that you can continue to use even years after you have been in business. Look for a reasonably priced, comprehensive guide that is easy to navigate when you have questions.

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