Business Valuation Formulas

Written by Patricia Skinner
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What Questions Are You Asking?

Many of a businessman's everyday decisions are related to the value of a company, whether it's a company he owns, a company he's thinking of acquiring, or a company owned by a competitor. The situations vary tremendously, but the information required is basically the same: How much will a business generate or consume? Should equity or debt be sought to finance growth? What will cash flow statements look a few years down the road? Or even, what impact will capital purchases have on a particular venture?

These questions sound familiar to you? As we said, the questions stay the same for any business, no matter what its niche. So shouldn't it be possible to develop business valuation formulas to give answers to these dilemmas? Of course. The truth is that many well established entrepreneurs who have been in the game for years have developed their own business valuation formulas that they use over and over again.

Get Professional Business Valuation Formulas

But what about those of us who are new to the game or just don't have time to develop such formulas? Now, you can buy the expertise and even specific business valuation formulas from professionals who know their expertise can benefit a wide range of other businessmen.

When faced with an important transaction or venture, it's very important to be sure you're making the right calculations and the right decisions. So we hope you're planning to hire a professional who can apply the best business valuation formulas. Formulas that have been tried and tested and benefit from the experience from more than a generation of experts.

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