Sample Contracts

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Sample contracts can be a great help to a small business offering a variety of options to customers. You can also search for sample contracts templates to determine which one best suits your product or service. Before you purchase a contract template online, you should take the time to read it through carefully.

Legally Viable Sample Contracts

If you use a contract that is not legal in your state, you may run into difficulties should there be a default on payment resulting in a need for you to take civil action against your customer. Obviously, the more comprehensive and legally sound your contract is up front, the fewer problems you will have with executing its provisions. You may want to consult with owners of businesses like yours to determine what type of contracts they are using.

Generally, when you are looking for sample contracts, you will be looking for sales and/or service contracts that you can use to establish a legal relationship with your customers. These contracts can be as simple or as complicated as you can imagine, but, in general, the type of contract you use should be dictated by your product.

Elements of a Contract

Whenever you use a contract for goods or services, you must be careful to use one that is very specific about the details. For example, if you are selling a restored television, the serial number, make, and model should appear on the contract. If you are providing a service such as repairing a roof, the terms and conditions, the cost, and even the potential for added costs based on specific unforeseen circumstances, should be included.

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