Small Business Contract Forms

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Small business contract forms are a must whether you are selling a product or offering a service. What your contract forms will look like depends on the type of business you are running. Small business contract forms for handmade pottery, for example, will contain different information from those for a consulting service.

Small Business Contract Forms Basics

Your customer contract forms should, of course, contain your company name and contact information. In addition, if you are selling a product or providing a service, there should be one or more lines to allow for a description of what your customer is buying. The price and terms of payment should be clearly stated as should any warranties you may provide. Whether you use a contract form or an invoice format, the above elements should be included.

You will also need contracts for other transactions as well. Purchasing a packet of small business contract forms online is a great way to save the time and money that would be involved if you tried to design your own. In this area, you can say that the wheel has already been invented, and once you purchase the forms, you can get on with the job of establishing or growing your business.

Getting Expert Advice

Don't be daunted by the terms "contract" and "legal" documents. You can find great advice about how to set up your contract process and other elements of your business at the IRS website as well as at hundreds of small business start-up information sites. Once you understand the basics, the idea of using a contract will soon become second nature.

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