Small Business Resources

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you are considering starting your own business, you will be amazed at the huge number of small business resources you will find online. The federal government and most state governments provide detailed information about how to begin your own business. There are also thousands of commercial websites that offer free or low-cost advice about the process as well as many of the paper tools and computer programs that will make your life much easier.

Finding Small Business Resources Online

Most of the tutorials you will find are geared toward helping you to get organized as early in the process as possible. They do this by taking you through the initial steps such as determining whether there is a market for your product or service, developing a business plan, and obtaining funding. These are three critical steps that, if done right, can result is a good start up.

Finding the funding to get started and money to live on while you are building your company is usually a major area of concern. While many fledgling entrepreneurs turn immediately to banks, there are dozens of other ways to find the money you need. One of the major small business resources online is information about how to find that funding by looking at federal and state grants, private investors, and more. There is a huge body of information online regarding small business funding.

If the financial and accounting segment of your new business terrifies you, you will be able to access small business resources that will eliminate the mystery and show you that you can keep your own books if you have the right tools. Many of the tools and tutorials are, in fact, free, and most of the ones that are not are very reasonably priced. Taking advantage of this wealth of support can go a long way to helping you get your business off the ground.

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Honestly, I need the ability to quit my day job! My day job is very time cosinmung and involves tons of overtime and just plain takes up too much space in my head. This leaves me with enough time/energy to either create or to market/promote, but not both. Lately I have been erring on the side of creating, but I know I need to do more promotion and marketing if I'm going to be successful.So, as long as I'm dreaming if I quit my day job that means that I need access to health insurance that I can afford and that will accept me (have been denied before due to minor preexisting condition come on, 2014!), and I'd need enough money saved up to cover the mortgage and bills while I grow my crafty business into something that can support me and my partner, as I am the main breadwinner. I'm not really certain what that amount is, which is probably one of the things holding me back as far as planning. I think I'd feel comfortable with a year's salary in the bank, and I'm about halfway to that point now.Finally, I'm coming to the realization that I need a car. I live in a major city where it's really common not to own a car, and is actually much more convenient not to have one. But it is just KILLING me how many summer craft shows I can't even consider doing, as I have no way to haul a tent and other large items that are needed for an outdoor show. (could rent one but I am not yet selling in the amounts necessary to make back the cost it is expensive!)