360 Degree Feedback Software

Written by Michael Federico
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360 degree feedback software has made it possible for a person to closely analyze his or her work ethic, the ability to interact with others, and his or her potential to lead. Much of the information gleaned from 360 degree feedback software is based on questionnaires, an example of which is the DISC Profile. Employees and their peers are asked to view a series of statements and, using a number scale, relate which statements most apply to them.

With 360 degree feedback software, others in the company would be asked to do the same for the employee being profiled. For instance, one might see the statement, "I have a strong inner drive." The employee will decide how closely that relates to her as opposed to other statements, such as, "I prefer others to exert their influence over situations I am in." A total score is formulated when the software takes the answers the employee gives and combines them with the answers others give.

Employing a Performance Coach to Assist with 360 Degree Feedback Software

If you think implementing a 360 degree feedback process would benefit your organization, you have several options available. You can purchase software that will help you implement the surveys, or you can hire a specialist to administer and implement the survey process for you. Both approaches can garner the results you're looking for, but if you lack the time or the manpower to handle the survey process, a consultant may be the answer.

Performance coaches are not only interested in the stats they get from the computer. They are also committed to helping individuals, and the entire team, achieve their professional objectives. They can view results and determine the best way to deal with problems particular employees may be having. Perhaps a profile will demonstrate that an employee is a good worker overall, but that he only functions at his best when parameters have been set. A skilled coach might suggest that managers be very specific with that employee regarding what is expected of him with each new project. These little insights can have a large impact on a diverse work environment.

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