Corporate Team Building

Written by Michael Federico
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Corporate team building does not always make a lot of sense to those looking in from the outside. They may not be able to grasp the point of grown men and women partaking in trust activities and games that resemble those played by children. However, for those entrenched in corporate America, anything that can help a sales team or an entire office function more efficiently is a legitimate business tactic.

Some companies actually pit employees against each other in various contests. This is most common in commission-based departments. For companies that are more concerned with functioning as a unit than as a group of individuals, there are corporate team building activities that have been developed to create respect in a group while improving its output.

Corporate Team Building Retreats

Most companies will set aside one or two days a year as training days. Employees often jump at the chance to spend a day watching videos, doing a bit of role-playing, and perhaps even working together on solving a logic problem. These sessions may be effective for some, but there are corporate team building retreats that can truly enhance the chemistry of a group through more dynamic and more effective activities, specially designed to enhance skills needed for success.

A shared experience is one of the strongest things that can bond people together. This is often evident in those who attended college together, or people who grew up on the same block. When a group of people go through something together, they are more likely to trust each other and they are better equipped to function cohesively. Retreats that focus on corporate team building create shared experiences among the group, and this can lead directly to improvements in the office, whether is is evidenced through improved communication, a heightened sense of trust, or a boost in morale.

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