Disc Classic

Written by Michael Federico
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DISC Classic is a behavioral-based learning program that has been popular for over two decades. Dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness are the tenets that the process uses for exploring behavioral issues. DISC Classic is, above all else, a behavioral profile that is useful for managers, office staff, groups as a whole, or individuals in search of stronger communications skills.

The basis for DISC Classic, which can be purchased in book form, is the belief that growth and success (however one defines them) can only be achieved through self-knowledge. Therefore, the questions that one must answer cover all aspects of life, focusing heavily on a person's ability to communicate, problem solve, and deal with stress. When the profile is complete, it should give a clear picture of what things a person will need to work on in order to achieve personal goals.

DISC Classic for Businesses

Companies that hope to create an efficient team environment can use DISC Classic to get a feel for how people in the office are working together. The program has evolved over time to account for advances in technology and changes in office culture. The profile can be used to spot stand-out candidates for certain positions, and it can help people discover new, more effective ways to work within a group. It can help people realize certain patterns that they have and what behavioral type they fit into.

DISC Classic can be purchased either for personal or professional use. It can also be used as part of much larger team building or skill training programs. If you would rather have a team of experts administer the entire process, you can hire them to design and implement a survey for you.

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