Employee Training And Development

Written by Michael Federico
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Employee training and development should be a major part of any business. It allows a new hire to transition smoothly and become a fully-fledged member of the team. Effective training also quickly orients employees with the goals of the company at large and the goals of his or her specific department.

The best employee training and development workshops take input from a number of resources. This 360 degree feedback can lead to a detailed profile of a participant based on his or her ability to communicate, lead, and solve problems. They also look at one's capacity for creativity and growth. Along with the profile, there are activities that focus on overcoming weaknesses and exploiting strengths.

Ongoing Employee Training and Development

At the end of a specialized employee training and development session, a person should be able to work smoothly with those around him. Through a series of surveys such as the DISC Profile, as well as hands-on activities such as role playing, an employee will have a much better understanding of how his coworkers function on the job. For instance, if a profile of a coworker demonstrates that he is precise and extremely focused on details, one can assume that it may take that person a bit longer to finish with projects. A profile may also suggest that a particular coworker is incredibly loyal and works hard to please others, but requires strong leadership to work up to his potential.

These sessions can be extremely effective training and development tools, and they should not be limited to new employees. They can be the perfect exercise to re-engage a long-time team member. They can also ensure that staff members who have the potential to move up in the company are steadily gaining the necessary knowledge and ability.

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