Inscape Publishing

Written by Michael Federico
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Inscape publishing pioneered the DISC program in the early 1980s. Since then, they have continued to develop and market insight-based learning materials. They are dedicated to helping people build stronger relationships. The materials they produce tend to focus on trying to inspire or energize the reader, the ultimate goal being to give people an experience that will truly transform the way they interact with others.

The DISC Profile, and many other products in the Inscape Publishing catalog, require people to ask themselves difficult questions. They have to turn their attention inward before they can learn the things that will help them better interact those around them. Inscape Publishing products are constantly changing and being updated to reflect advances in technology and science. Where books were dominant in the past, now software is a major tool individuals and companies can use to take advantage of profiling programs. After participating in such a program, a user can consult available software to determine what his answers mean.

Inscape Publishing Tools for Businesses and Organizations

Although the point of many of Inscape Publishing's instruments is self-improvement, the same theories and methods of learning can be applied to groups. Just as they hope to help transform individuals, Inscape Publishing can help transform teams, as well. Much of their material is designed to help people who work together interact in a way that is both respectful and productive.

There are those in the business world who connect Inscape Publishing products with New Age methods that they believe have no place in the office. These techniques and materials, however, have been designed based on extensive research and field study. The people behind the books, software, surveys, and profiles are experts in their fields. Inscape Publishing has seen its printed works translated into twenty-one languages, making its influence a worldwide one. Oftentimes, a more humanistic approach to employee communication and development is just what's needed to bring people together as just that--people--rather than as office-going automatons.

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