Management Team Building

Written by Michael Federico
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Management team building can be viewed teaching an all-star team how to work together. Sometimes this involves dealing with sensitive egos and getting people who are used to calling the shots to listen to others. However, once a manager understands that interdepartmental relationships are symbiotic ones, he or she should be more open to management team building.

It is so easy for businesses to become compartmentalized in America today. Large companies are usually broken down into so many departments that many employees never see or even communicate with each other. Those who do work closely with others often have no idea how their coworkers approach the job. Their working styles are likely very different, and they may have trouble communicating with each other.

Management Team Building Workshops

In a team building workshop, surveys such as the DISC Profile can shed light on how different people manage others. The DISC basically lets people attribute importance to certain behavioral characteristics. They may be asked to rank certain procedures (such as brainstorming sessions, step-by-step analysis, looking for hidden costs, and bringing focus) in order of relevance to them. These rankings, and rankings of other similar statements, will lead to a profile report that gives a person a detailed look at work habits of which he may have been unaware. The results can bring positive news too, such as a summary of specific things he offers a group.

It is not difficult for a company to set up management team building workshops. Performance consultants can provide the facilities and exercises that will best inspire the group to come together. They can also take care of logistics, and individual performance coaches can can keep the group focused throughout the process.

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