Organizational Development

Written by Michael Federico
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Organizational development is critical for long-term growth. Corporate culture is a large reflector of a company's outlook and prospects; what does yours indicate? If you're not sure, a good way to find out is to use organizational climate surveys. These surveys can be designed and administered by professionals who know how to achieve targeted results.

Climate surveys can do many things: they can give you an indication of your current corporate culture, and they can serve as a roadmap for the future. If your culture isn't what you want it to be, now you know exactly what elements you'll need to fix. If you worked with a professional team to implement your organizational development survey, that team can help you strategize and plan for the future based on those results. Your relationship with this team will likely last quite a while--repeating these climate surveys on a yearly basis is the best way to gauge how effective your changes have been.

Organizational Development for Large Corporations

Perhaps a part of your organizational development plan is implementing team building strategies. For any business to succeed, all of its department and units have to run like a well-oiled machine. Taking the time to send managers to an organizational development seminar or hiring a consultant to come in and assist in that area can be just what a corporation needs to stay apace with the goals it has set for itself.

Fast-paced organizational development can take place when people in a department or office know how to work together to achieve specific goals. One of the best development tools is a 360 degree feedback appraisal. Simply put, this method gathers information from all angles. Surveys are given to staff and management to develop a picture of how individuals are relating to each other. When the makeup and attitude of a company is clear, it is easier to pull people together to help in the organization's development. Whatever the individual needs of a business may be, the surveys and subsequent reports will shed light on areas in which team members, units, or managers may be deficient. Correcting these deficiencies is what will help push a business over the finish line, helping it meet or exceed its goals.

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