Outdoor Team Building

Written by Michael Federico
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Outdoor team building can be an exciting alternative to more traditional training and development practices. Most activities are interactive and mentally demanding, but not physically challenging. After all, exclusion isn't the goal here--inclusion is the order of the day. Well-designed activities give large groups or small teams the chance to work together to achieve a common goal.

The relaxed outdoor atmosphere affords teams the chance to get to know each other better and enables them to discover what skills they need to succeed and how they can best interact. While most activities can be moved indoors in case of inclement weather, outdoor team building tends to lend a sense of excitement and exploration to the proceedings. It also gives people the chance to simply get out of the office or their normal work environments, a simple action that can help people both relax and focus.

Setting up Outdoor Team Building Workshops

There are consulting companies that already have the facilities and means to provide a thorough schedule of outdoor team building. They can also assign each group a professional performance coach. The coach can help analyze personality and group profiles using tools like the DISC Profile or 360 degree feedback. These methods enable groups of people to better understand how each member approaches work. A coach's analysis can reveal whether your team is composed of people who require consistency to stay focused, or if it is mainly made up of people who strive to exercise their influence over others.

Outdoor team building can facilitate the training process, helping the team vocalize and realize its objectives. Some services also have access to the latest in team building technology, which usually consists of software programs that rapidly cull data from a variety of sources. This data can be used to highlight problem areas in the group and it can assist with activities that focus on communication.

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