Personality Profiles

Written by Michael Federico
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Personality profiles can be used to gain insight as to how a particular individual works and interacts with others, in his personal life or working life. Most people have, at one time or another, diligently filled out pages of questions for a survey that claimed it could tell the test taker what type of career would best suit her skills and abilities. With most career or aptitude tests, similar questions seem to surface over and over, and by the end of the profile, most people are trying to figure out if their answers were consistent enough to generate a valid result.

The validity of personality profiles is often debated by those in the business world. After all, one can easily lie to cast oneself in a better light. Even people who aren't lying often maintain a self-perception that is worlds away from who they actually are. In order to gain a better idea of one's personality, profiles have been developed that rely on far more than the results of one test.

Using Personality Profiles in Team Building

Programs that take into account peer reviews, performance histories, and management appraisals (along with personality profiles) can help create a picture of an entire group. The method of gathering information from a wide range of sources is part of what is known as 360 degree feedback. When each member of a team has undergone the process, a group dynamic should become clear.

Results from all questionnaires, surveys, interviews, and other material can be transformed into a detailed report for each team member. The report will discuss the greatest contributions a person can make to a team, a person's weaknesses and fears, and a person's mode of communication. These reports also give strategies on how people can best interact with each personality type. Some types require more breathing space than others. Some need to have very clear parameters set in order to excel on the job. Whatever the case, it will be clear what needs to be done in order to get the team firing on all cylinders.

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