Team Building Activities

Written by Michael Federico
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Team building activities are used to reinforce one of the most basic cultural principles: if a group works together, it can achieve its goals. Many people come to work with the simple desire to get through the day unbothered, focusing on the next paycheck and not much else. This does not mean that they are not good employees. In fact, they may be extremely diligent workers. However, if they could see the bigger picture, they would realize that if the team prospers, they too will prosper.

Getting a read on the behavioral characteristics of an employee (as they apply to one's work habits) can greatly increase a leader's ability to motivate. One way to do this is with 360 degree feedback, which takes information from the group to determine how each specific member functions within the team. Each person will determine how certain statements apply to him or her and how they apply to others. The team will evaluate statements such as, "I seek to have my words conform with reality," and "I want others to be pleased with my empathy."

Using Professionally Designed Team Building Activities

A pair of coworkers holds an old map in their hands. After studying it and discussing all of their options, they take a fork in a dirt road. Soon, they wind their way down a path, finding a shortcut along the way, and arrive at their destination. The journey has been a rewarding one. The pair has talked about a variety of subjects, learning more about each other, and they have worked together to achieve a common objective.

This is one example of the many team building activities that have been designed by companies whose business is teamwork. Other physical elements (such as ropes courses) can be added to the agenda of team building activities. The combination of physical tasks and personality exploration can help keep a team stay together long after they have returned to work.

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