Team Building Workshops

Written by Michael Federico
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Team building workshops have been effective tools for school clubs and action groups for years. Their success in building bonds and helping people work together has now made such workshops extremely popular in corporate America. Team building workshops can take several different forms. Guest speakers will often come into the office to give motivational speeches. Other times, managers will simply talk their teams through the goals they have established.

The problem with most team building workshops is that they do not get workers directly involved, and they do not offer employees the chance to express their concerns. You can banish this problem by allowing your team to take surveys (such as a DISC Profile) that delineate behavioral characteristics and traits. This will give everyone on the team a common vocabulary to use to discuss the team's strengths and shortcomings. Are there too many leaders? Is there a lack of steadiness and reliability in the group? Are there enough people who are able to positively influence the others? Once a group dynamic is clear, it will make interaction much easier and more straightforward. These profiles also suggest the best ways to communicate with specific types of people, so your team will have the tools to function at maximum efficiency.

Specialized Team Building Workshops

During the course of specialized team building workshops, team members will have a chance to discuss their personal goals. After these goals have been connected to the group's overall goals, the focus switches to developing a strong connection between people. This can be done through a series of games or activities. These activities are best held away from the office so employees can give their full attention to their fellow workers.

Allowing members of the group to share the things that they are looking for in life has practical applications in the office. It makes each team member more invested in doing whatever he or she can to help the entire group succeed. It can create a more focused and unified work environment when coworkers become more than a name and familiar face--they become three-dimensional people and friends.

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