1000 Trade Show Giveaways

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Trade shows are one of the best mechanisms for getting your marketing message to your consumers. Unlike any other form of media, trade shows allow for companies to pitch their product or service directly to their target audience. Since your message is only being broadcast to people who are interested in your products, the cost per lead is relatively low in comparison to other forms of marketing such as advertising.

A crucial component to trade shows is the effective promotional item. These logoed items are a great way to advertise your company beyond the trade show floor. For example, if you are handing out t-shirts with your company name and logo on it, someone is bound to wear that shirt out in public, resulting in a walking advertisement for you.

Choose Something Relevant

There are at least 1000 trade show giveaways that you can customize to fit your company's needs. It's important to select a giveaway that reflects the industry you work in and also the type of product or service you supply. For instance, if you are targeting the construction industry, it doesn't make any sense to select modem cords as your promotional item.

With over 1000 trade show giveaways to choose from, you need to figure out which item would best suit your needs. Do you have a budget for promotional items? Promotional giveaways come in a wide range of prices. Whether you are looking to spend fifty cents or three dollars per piece, there is a perfect solution for you.

Ongoing Advertising

Selecting the right promotional toy, tote bag or even apparel can set you apart your competitor. While most trade show attendees are adults, they are not above finding the most amusing toy on the show floor. An effective trade show giveaway can generate more booth traffic than you may expect. Each attendee has the opportunity to pick up more than 1000 trade show giveaways. Your job is to make them want to visit your booth to get one.

In addition to generating substantial booth traffic, your promotional items will continue to market your company, long after the attendees have gone home and the show floor is closed. In choosing your item among the 1000 trade show giveaways available, keep in mind that the success of a giveaway is measured by its use and practicality in the world outside of trade shows. A baseball cap or a tote bag is a good selection because people will wear or carry them long after the show. With each place they wear your logo, you are potentially generating more customers and at the very least, more awareness.

Stay Consistent

If you find something that works well, stay with it. You'll be surprised at how many attendees look forward to and expect the same giveaway from certain exhibitors. Sure, you've got endless choices of 1000 trade show giveaways, but you don't necessarily have to try them all. When you find the perfect item you'll know. Your exhibit will be so crowded you'll start to wonder why the attendance is so good, until you realize your booth is the only one filled to capacity.

Having 1000 trade show giveaways, no matter how clever they are will not sell your products for you. While they will enhance booth traffic, it's up to you to sell your company. Trade show giveaways are merely a device used to generate an interest and differentiate you from your biggest competition.

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