Buy Trade Show Booths

Written by Jessica Duquette
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To buy trade show booths, many companies opt to visit warehouses, galleries and show floors of prestigious exhibit houses. These booth manufacturers carry a vast selection of exhibits. From fabric panels to custom displays and modular pop up booths to refurbished exhibits, buying a trade show booth has never been easier or more confusing.

How to Buy Trade Show Booths

Thoroughly evaluate the needs of the upcoming trade show calendar before determining which type of booth will suffice. Budget limitations and trade show specifications should be defined before the process to buy trade show booths begins. How much money is available for this purchase? What do the event contracts say about exhibit size restrictions?

Without analyzing these components, a trade show booth may not adequately serve its purpose. For example, many convention centers have strict rules about the height and width of exhibits. A newly purchase booth with an 18-foot tower may violate these terms. Most union-run centers will prohibit the assembly of such violations.

Do the Research

For this reason, many companies choose to buy trade show booths from reputable dealers, well-versed in the regulations of convention centers and union labor. Investing in a trade show exhibit requires research, imagination and preparation. By doing this prep work in advance, the purchasing process will run smoother and unnecessary expenditures can be easily avoided.

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