Convention Exhibits

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Convention exhibits portray a corporate image, brand or strategy. Customers and prospects attend industry trade shows each year in search of vendors offering viable solutions to everyday problems. Since impressions are made instantaneously, it is important to have an effective exhibit message.

Effective Convention Exhibits

With thousands of prospects in attendance, what is going to make a particular booth stand out from the others? A clear, concise message on the graphic panels of convention exhibits is the first and most important step in creating a trade show booth. What is it the organization sells? What problems do the products solve?

If convention exhibits don't answer these fundamental questions, chances are attendees will continue on down the path toward the competition. In addition to articulate messaging, many organizations choose to run promotions inside the booth. Whether handing out free pens or hosting a drawing to win $1,000, attendees need an incentive to visit each booth on the show floor.

Strategic Direction

Attending a trade show takes more than signing a contract and reserving floor space. A strategy detailing the target audience, prospective customers, and product positioning are all essential to effectively reach a return on an investment. By simply showing up, an organization is not taking advantage of the revenue potential presented at an industry trade event.

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