Custom Modular Exhibits

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Custom modular exhibits are popular choices among trade show exhibitors. These portable, pop-up displays enable staff to assemble and dismantle the booth in just minutes. Though simple to manage, these exhibits offer the same complex, professional look of most custom displays.

Mobile Custom Modular Exhibits

Custom modular exhibits use a framework that can shrink down into a small, mobile carrying case. A 35-pound frame can expand into a full 10 by 10 foot booth. This decreases the shipping costs associated with each trade show and allows sales staff to assemble the booth without detailed instructions.

The graphics for custom modular exhibits can come in plastic or fabric panels. Hard panels are usually mounted using a simple Velcro or magnet technique. The graphics can be rolled for storage and travel. Graphic panels weigh considerably less than hard panels and damage is easily avoided.

Modern Graphic Techniques

Modular exhibits today use elaborate lighting and graphic techniques. These modern advances have stirred up interest in frequent trade show exhibitors, especially those tired of paying for hours of labor and thousands of dollars in shipping fees. This cost-effective solution to event marketing can solidify a return on investment for event participation.

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